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Down-to-earth Nokia 6120 Classic Symbian Phone

Posted by Symbianizer | Filed under Nokia, S60 3rd Edition, Symbian

Nokia announced a new mid-range S60 smartphone today, complete with HSDPA high-speed data access. The new Nokia 6120 Classic belongs to neither the multimedia N Series, nor the business E series of the Finnish brand. Good at the essentials, it’s set of features can’t be clearly linked to a particular target of users. The “Classic” attribute refers to the phone’s conservative design. On the other hand, Nokia 6120 features functions far more sophisticated than what you’d expect in this price category.


Two cameras are present on the 6120 Classic: a front-facing unit for video calling, and a 2.0 megapixel rearward-facing sensor with 4x digital zoom for easy photography. Nokia’s 6120 Classic is designed with ease of use in mind, and the full S60 smartphone UI accomplishes this well, including contact management, a calendar, task list, email access, and other tools to make managing your life easy. One of the biggest draw cards for the device is its HSDPA compatibility, delivering up to 10 times faster data speeds than normal WCDMA networks.

Key features

  • Conservative and elegant design
  • Impeccable construction
  • Symbian 9.2, S60 3rd Edition graphic upgrade and Feature Pack
  • Remarkable size and weight for a smartphone
  • 2-megapixel camera without autofocus
  • Instant response of user interface
  • Brilliant QVGA display with reflexive surface
  • 35 MB of internal memory, microSD card slot
  • Document viewer: Quickoffice and PDF
  • Bluetooth with A2DP support
  • Solid and robust body
  • MiniUSB connector
  • Very good keypad
  • Voice recorder with 60-minute limit

Main disadvantages

  • No Wi-Fi
  • No “pencil” key
  • Susceptible to fingerprints
  • No indication of missed events after certain period of time
  • Navigation and operation keys not ergonomic enough

Reader's Comments

  1. Mobiltelefon |

    Why dont they make a cell phone for people with big fingers?

  2. |

    Very nice phone, just buy it 2 month ago (black) and then i give it to my sister, and then i just buy another one (white), cool feature, the phone so great, just lack of battery life, but its still ok, n then easy to heat up if i use it as a modem. but totally, i give it 8.5 to 10 🙂 if nokia give wifi on this phone, i give it 9.5 🙂


    iwan darmawan

  3. Ramees |

    its really great no other phone with this much features

  4. bondiras |

    bon chansse

  5. bondiras |


  6. raka |

    i have this phone!

  7. h3203 |

    generally very nice mid end mobile phone.with affordable price you will get more than u expected !

  8. Jimmy |

    Great phone indeed! I just got it recently.

  9. ruhsid |

    am u usin this mob 4 3yrs…
    full of probs only….
    speakers not workin….
    mic not workin…..
    no sound at allllll

  10. rbs |

    I am now on my third 6129c. I lend them to my staff and cannot get them back. This phone is almost ideal for my in my business travels throughout Australasia. It would be perfect if it had dual SIM card support and WiFi.

  11. Olatunji |

    I have this phone.though my uncle bought it in the uk, but i’m using it in Nigeria.the problem with it is that the phone does not instal some applications like my former phone(nokia 6600).i doubt if it is a symbian phone

  12. Tsokan |

    @Olatunji 6120c is a Symbian v3 while 6600 is v2.Their applications ar nt compactable wit each other.

  13. Rowland |

    just wanted to be rest assured that this item of your is still up for sale and mint condition,do get back to me asap!
    Kinds Regards. Rowland

  14. bigguy |

    Great phone, Today i just opened the covers and was surprised to see, that the phone was bathing in dust,still it was working smoothly. This is one nice phone

  15. Aristotle |

    Excellent fone. Used it for a yr. Resplendent features: smallest and lightest symbian smartphone ever, 2MP camera with panorama mode & flash, VGA secondary camera for pix and calls, HSDPA (3.5G) at 3.1Mbps download speed, good audio, microSD up to 16GB all in a cool silent package. This fone is award winning.

  16. shalita |

    i had this phone n i luvd it because of its cool features and excellent functions, but its lost….i had this given to me in a gift… whts the rate for this? can i hve it back again for free?

  17. bright |

    if u want ur nokia 6120c to install order appli hack it, like i did to mine am enjoying it like never befor.

  18. pavel |

    The information was very useful. The blog was very nice and interesting.Thank you very much.

  19. muad guaraki |

    i luv my 6120c, it has so many features!

  20. gideons |

    yes this phone is good….i bought it last 3 months and it satisfied me

  21. Virus Removal |

    Thanks for the information, it has been very enlightening.

  22. wanohe |

    i havi this phone,,,

  23. Craig Hort |

    my nipples explode with delite with this fone

  24. Leflore |

    I have been longing for a laptop. I really need one. My IBM X60s laptop

    has broke down. My HP Mini 311 is slow, I really can’t stand the speed

    of a netbook! Anyway, PC show 2010 is an opportunity for me to get one.

    Initially, I wanted to get Apple MacBook Pro 13″ for my work. I love

    the MacBook, but its something that I don’t really need, it is only

    something I want. I don’t have many Mac Software to utilize its

    potential, plus the total cost is very expensive, around $2K if you

    include extended Apple care warranty.

  25. koolbannas |

    Cheap, basic funcionalty, keyboard for ‘very tiny fingers’
    Beware the word “classic”, it means freebie for corporations,
    that’s why I got one for free.
    Also 15 seconds at your ear, and it ‘red hot’,
    a bit to ‘wierd’ for me, alo switch to loud speaker.

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