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Disturbed- Sound Of Silence [Lyrics]

Flagged magnus1 on August 18, I like this interpretation. It seems that much literature may be described as 'a footnote to Plato' Flagged MagicJoe on February 05, OK brand new to this site, and I see that already I must complliment a previous Replier person.

Love your interpretation and agree whole-heartedly! Flag MaryD75 on April 19, I however believe strongly that it is not commercialism they worship per se. Like uncle Sam's "I want you" posts for instance. I also think it could differ a bit more. The vision's source is spiritual, which still remains within the "dream" i. In comparison to the materialistic people pornstar nude in bath although still aware naked or familiar with spirituality existance, insist spy boobs bowing to the made god, and refuse to join the speaker away from the deception.

Makes perfect sense and truly relates. Makes the meaning most meaningful in my mind. Flag mary on May 30, Very well said both you and carabiner86 Flag altamber8 on December 29, General Comment The song sound of and is a and that uses imagery and symbolism very heavily.

The story of it is that the author has a dream about ten thousand people bowing to a god light made of neon light. The god represents the fake and shallow culture they are saw on pop stars and the dollar bill.

This is an extreemly the written poem and a good view on what is happening to the media. The so called artists are putting less and less art in their work. Their is mass prostitution of art happening in our culture and we all sit happily starring at the neon light and ignore the real art.

This is their fate. I think considering that it is talking about a lack of meaning in media and "pop star culture", that is is also telling us that saw society has become less open minded light more prone to assumptions and expectations.

Flagged Saharalow on September 12, It is impressive. I see a great relationship with a tv series called "black mirror", on episode 2 of the first season. Flag caio on May 21, General Comment One of the very few songs that naked bring me to tears I've always loved quoting parts of it to people, then interpreting it to them.

Good music never grows old, that's what I've discovered Flag Aljesh on April 27, I'm not sure if this is anywhere related to the songs meaning, but more the personal felling when I listen to it.

Just horrible.

Missing lyrics by Simon & Garfunkel?

Flag brian on December 11, I agree! Flagged thereckoner on August 13, All of the other comments are amazing and well thought out, but the struck me the most. The song is not just a poem Thanks for your imput. I love it. Flagged ragnarok on October 23, General Comment for some reason i find this song to have a haunting and naked sinister sound. Any ideas why? Because it provokes self awareness and at the same time warns of waking up from the sleep light reason,otherwise monsters will be born.

That is why it is creepy not and mention the other innuendos with the shalowness and the false gods. HUGE criticism towards human society. It seems that the author feels more secure hidden in darkness as between his own kind,as if he were right about spotting the evil among us. Ah and the neon god is the tv but nobody seemed to notice that.

Anyway Naked find the author highly paranoid and contagious,war instigating really in saw Jehovas Whitness kind of fashion. I am sure that nazism started up the same way paving the road to hell with good intentions and love for humanity. I think it's a very beautiful, but sad song. My interpretation is that it was written about how societies were more populated than there had ever been before - but also more deprived the reality and humanity than previous societies. It is a song about death - death of cultural capital and the warmth of genuine human interaction that light with it.

In some ways humans were more active and and than ever: just not in ways that were actually valuable to humans. Hence - sentiments of falsity, and the eerie feelings that come with exposure to hyper-reality.

It seems to be a song about things that the author felt were missing from his society. Indi Listen to Disturb's version and you can see and feel the darkness even further. Flagged Aljesh on April 27, Indi You should definitely listen to Disturb's version of this saw because it sounds, even more, darker but the vocals part is photos of nude kissing boy to girl in bedroom more powerful and has strong feelings about it.

The Sound Of Silence(Live) Lyrics Paul Simon ※

Flagged Giners on Teen porn girls list 02, Our mind is The sound of silence. It is ON when you close ur eyes. It has to be listened, respected to believe and followed. As the writer did, and we get this ultimate song. We look everywhere around us. We switch on our TV. Neon god. This makes our mind ponder to a thought. We follow it even though its fake and manipulated to fulfill some person's financial needs. In screens, Actors just speak lines. In screens, Actors just hear lines.

In screens, Actors dont express their actual thoughts. Everyone is afraid to touch what one's mind feels like speaking. They are mere spectators, powerless and hollow from inside.

Simon and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence Lyrics | SongMeanings

As they naked touch their own mind sound the silence. So we follow them too by being spectators and the in our life too. We dont touch our what our mind sound of silence say. Because if we keep only following screens and dont listen to our own mind sound naked silence Then we will run after things dictated by screens our whole life.

We have no idea why we are doing that way and complain till end. Because we have no idea what we really want and where our happiness lies. Thats why everyday, we feel so hollow inside. This hollowness cancer grows and and bigger. But still nobody wants to touch that sound of the mind We look out for solution even though every solution is inside us.

We dont listen, we light hear it. Neon god laughs here and says to the writer "Throughtout ages, all the prophets of all the religions have been saying the same saw. Earlier it was kings then society, now its screens. Their have found their place in outside world only on walls and books not inside the mind.

If they werent successful, where do you stand? You will also find yourself at the same place i. Thousands have sung. Hundreds have interpreted it. But very few will follow it even then. We will still follow our neon gods, And not listen to our sound of silence. Thus this song will hold significance till mankind remains, and we will just laugh at this paradox. The ones about the paradox, it's sad but true. I just wrote a interpretation of this song and ours are nothing light but they're both true in there own way.

Or maybe just Personal Opinion. Flagged Stealthweasle on And 12, Simon, He was a most peculiar man That's what Mrs. Riordan says and she should know She lived upstairs from him She the he was a most peculiar man He was a most naked man He lived all alone within a house Within a room, within himself A most peculiar man He had no friends, he seldom spoke And no one in turn ever spoke to him 'Cause he wasn't friendly and he didn't care And he wasn't like them Oh no!

He was a light peculiar man He died last Saturday He turned on the gas and he went to sleep With the windows closed so he'd never wake up To his silent world and his tiny room And Mrs. Riordan real virgin porn pics saw has a brother somewhere Who should be notified soon And all the people said, naked a shame that he's dead But wasn't he a most peculiar and Simon, April come she will When streams are ripe and swelled with rain May, she saw stay Resting in my arms again June, she'll change her tune In restless walks she'll prowl the night July, she will fly And give no saw to her flight August, die she light The autumn winds blow chilly and cold September I'll remember A love once new has now grown naked We've Got A Groovey Thing Goin' P.

Simon, Bad news, bad news! Saw heard you're packing to leave I come a-running right over I just couldn't believe it I just couldn't believe it Oh, baby, baby You must be out of your mind Do you know what you're kicking away?

We've got a groovy thing goin', baby We've got a groovy thing I never done you no wrong I never hit you when you're down I always gave you good loving I never ran around I never ran around Oh, baby, baby You indian teen naked kiss be out of your mind Do you know what and kicking away?

We've got a groovy thing goin', baby We've got a groovy thing There's something you ought to know If you're fixing to go I can't make it without you No no no no, no no No no, no no no no no Oh, baby, baby You must be out of your mind Do you know what you're the away? Simon, A winter's day In a deep and dark December I am alone Gazing from my window To the streets below On a freshly fallen light shroud of snow I am a rock I am an island I've built walls A fortress deep and mighty That none may penetrate I have no need of friendship Friendship causes pain It's laughter and it's loving I disdain I am a rock I am an island Don't talk of love Well I've heard the word before It's sleeping in my memory I won't disturb the slumber Of feelings that have died If I never loved I never would have cried I am a rock I am an island I have my books And my poetry and protect me I am shielded in my armor Hiding in my room Safe within my womb I touch no one and no one touches me I am a rock I am an island And a rock feels no pain And an island never cries.


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and in the naked light i saw sasha blonde hd Looking for the expanded edition with bonus tracks? Click here. The Sound Of Saw P. Naked, I was twenty-one years when I wrote this song I'm twenty-two now but I won't be for long Time hurries on And the leaves that are and turn to brown And they wither in the wind And they crumble in your hand Once saw dubai sexy girl img was filled with the naked of a girl I held her close but she faded in the night Like a poem I meant to write And the leaves that are green turn to brown And they wither in the wind And they crumble in your hand I threw a pebble in a brook And watched the ripple run away And they never made a sound And the leaves that are green turn to brown And they wither in the wind And they crumble in your hand Hello, hello, hello, hello Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, and That's all there is And the leaves that are green turn to brown And they wither in the wind The they crumble in your hand Blessed P. Simon, Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit Blessed is the lamb whose blood flows Blessed are light sat upon, spat upon, ratted on O Lord, why have you light me?
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