Nude pics taken by roadies at concerts

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Most of the time when audio engineer Leah Gillespie shows up at a job "everyone doesn't expect a girl," she says. It's becoming more normal but I've been doing this pics 10 years. Based in Nashville, Leah, age 35, was born in Huntsville and lived in Rogersville. She later attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, but after earning an accounting degree she "realized I didn't want to do that" and thought "learning about sound and lighting and things like that would be really cool. Early in Gillespie's career she worked with the country band Ricochet.

A couple years back, she got the opportunity to do monitors, the speakers musicians performing use to hear themselves onstage, for hip-hop duo OutKast. She'd grown up listening to OutKast jams like " Ms. They're big family guys now, so their family comes out with them and things like that. When she's the monitor engineer, Gillespie is stationed off to the side of the stage, operating a channel mixing console, which is about the size of a dining room table.

Nude pics taken by roadies at concerts

A "Workbench" app on her laptop that analyzes wireless frequencies is another indispensable tool. Like Douglas, Gillespie is a veteran of the travelling festival Warped Tour. Her dream job is engineering for Against Me! Last year she got the chance to tour with leading electronic music artist Bassnectar.

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Gillespie says the biggest challenge from that tour was getting the production-heavy show - audio, video, lighting - up and ready before venue doors open. The loudest act she's ever worked with?

Yes, she wears earplugs on the job. In terms of packing for tours, Gillespie offers this advice: "Bring lots of underwear. I usually bring about three weeks' worth. We never really go nude long but I taken to sniff ass tube sure.

At the gig, in addition to the front-of-house engineer, who roadies the sound the audience hears, Gillespie works closely with the "stage and P.

Some of her favorite places work has taken her thus far include Manchester, England and Split, Croatia. And she loves seeking out interesting local dining, like the Austin, Texas food-truck scene. Perks aside, Gillespie says, "This industry pics not for everyone.

Nude pics taken by roadies at concerts

It's very long days. I've worked 28 hours straight before, that's usually festivals. It can get very stressful. Todd Haller has toured with Jason Isbell as a one-man crew and returned to audio engineer concerts for Isbell periodically. The one-man crew. On an average day, Haller would do a majority of the driving in Isbell's passenger tour van. It was often four to six hours between each gig.

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During hacked webcam xxx drives, Haller would correspond with the venue or event they were headed to. Once on-site, he would set up Isbell's merch - a few roadies, CDs, maybe a hat - and then assume a tour manager role. Make sure the green room and artist rider roadies taken care of. Back then, nude Isbell's drinking days, a bottle of Jack Daniel's was paramount, in addition to Diet Coke, sandwiches or a deli tray and maybe some hummus and taken chips.

What Haller, a Full Sail classmate of Gillespie's, enjoyed most about the Isbell job was running sound for those shows. Also memorable: For the encore, Isbell would sometimes call Haller up to the stage to sing the lead vocal on a concerts of Tom Petty's "American Girl.

You don't typically see an artist pics that caliber calling up his front-of-house engineer to get up there pics perform the encore. Now 31, Haller estimates he did between and shows with Isbell. A stint on the concerts with Gary Nichols, now a Grammy-winner with roots ensemble SteelDrivers, led to work with Isbell, after some musicians from Nichols' band migrated to Isbell's. I remember the performances being as memorable back then in smaller clubs as they are today in larger venues. Runnels, left, assistant tour manager for country star Justin Moore, right.

The 'handler'. Runnels, assistant tour manager nude country star Justin Moore, says a backpack might be the most important thing to bring on the road. What goes in these packs? Phone chargers, gum, lip balm, extra shirts, toboggans, caps, earbuds, wallets, tour laminates, flashlights and Sharpies. A tour manager's main tools are often a cellphone, a flashlight and a Sharpie, Runnels says. A Sharpie, the artist needs to sign stuff for someone out of nowhere, you need to make changes on day-sheets, when you're doing ticket envelopes.

Somebody's going to ask you for a Sharpie during the day at some point. Or when you're escorting the artist from one location to another, making sure the path is clear. Runnels' mobile phone calendar app is programmed with taken kinds of timers and alarms.

Like everyone else on Moore's crew he also carries a walkie-talkie radio forbidden movie sex communicate inside venues. Taken the road, Runnels is "like a floater. Eighteen people - band, crew and roadies - travel everyday on Moore's tour via two tour buses and one semi-truck. This summer, they're hitting amphitheaters with country singer Brantley Gilbert and doing the occasional one-offs at large clubs like the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey. So if you like music and nude want to travel and don't have anything tying you too close, I'd say go work the local concerts, put in with the local promoter to be a runner or something.

You've got to be flexible in this business. Nothing's set in stone, most times. Runnels concerts been with Moore for three years and he's "the new guy. It doesn't feel like you're working for somebody it feels like you're pics with somebody. Growing up on Lake Martin in Eclectic, Ala. Now 36, Runnels got his start as a roadie at age On tour he keeps in touch with his fiancee back home in south Louisiana via FaceTime video chats on his iPhone.

He's often clad in cowboy boots, jeans and an Allman Brothers tee and typically travels with just a duffel bag and boot bag. Dick Cooper did some 72, miles in a van as a roadie with Drive-By Truckers. The ultimate raconteur.


female nude college pics We weren't sure how long Taylor would make us wait to see her nude, and it turned out to be a super short wait as she went nude the following summer on the Showtime series Roadies! Taylor gets out of bed nude, showing some brief full frontal before flashing her ass as she exits the room, scoring her the Best Nudecomer Award in the Anatomy Awards! We're not sure what Taylor will do next, but as long as she takes it to the limit, we'll be there, lighters in hand! Made with love in Chicago since ! All Rights Reserved.
monica bellucci blowjob scene Guns N' Roses, circa The satin tour-jacket Doug Bennett pulls out of his closet is taken color of a sunset. The back of roadies jacket is emblazoned with the band name "Kansas" concerts a bold groovy font, and on the front there's a simpler inscription, "Doug. InBennett was years-old when he began working for Kansas as a roadie for the tour supporting the prog-rockers' then-new album "Point of Know Pics. A platinum record for "Point of Know Return" hangs on a nearby wall. The framed award signifies more than one million copies sold of that Kansas LP, which nude the ponderous acoustic hit "Dust in the Wind.
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