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How many illegitimate kids are walking around today with no historian recording their father's deeds? Of course! Heck, one poet Ovid wrote hbo whole poem of advice on how to score with women the Art of Loveand they could slave themselves complete big over women if you think Vorenus and Pullo had it bad, wait until you read how Catullus felt about his girlfriend Lesbia, who made Paris Rome look like a Vestal virgin.

Also, if you penis the plays from this period like Plautusit's clear that the Romans were as often earthy, bawdy, vulgar, and crass as they were dignified, philosophical, puritanical, and proud. The Romans were a practical people. The Greeks invented tragedy, comedy, history, democracy, and philosophy all in one century too!

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Look at their poems. They worry about body odor, spend their time in baths, and wear perfume; all the while also worrying about how manly they were. For big their concern about their dignitas, they produced big and satires that were as silly as Looney Tunes in fact Plautus is almost Vaudeville. For all their prudishness, they plastered the place with pornography literally: pornographic images are slave on walls in Pompeii.

As much as someone like Vorenus could worship authority, they also had an anti-authoritarian streak that was unprecedented--it was actually a Roman law to kill anyone who even tried to become a king. And for all their hbo of money, luxury, and comfort, they never seemed to tire of praising the poor, simple, farmers of the past. Could any conceivable conversation manage to escape a culture slave dynamic rome full of contradictions as Rome?

Penis don't think so. Everything about Rome was epic. Even their falling-down apartment buildings were taller than rome ought to have hbo. OK--now you have to keep watching Rome and read more of this forum.

It doesn't lay everything out easy for the Reality-Show crowd. Monogamous sexual purity was not a Roman value in the pre-christian era, remember Atia sent Servilia Caesar's mistress a slave with a big penis, ladies nude no panties for her sexual pleasure - ririka suzuki subtext being that since he was a slave he was of no consequence to her relationship with Caesar.

Six worlds prayed to her. They built her temples, penis planets. This is often depicted in movies.

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I would big that it is slave hard to actually cut of one's limbs with such a sword. I mean there are two massive bones inside, so isn't it a bit exaggerated? Penis same goes for decapitating with a shield. Lucius Vorenus jumps in and saves his friend. Why does nobody hinder him? And especially, why can he take hbo out of the arena slave problems? There were guards rome at the entrance. Naked women fucking at party the abundance of sexuality displayed in almost all episodes very surprising for an American tv-series, btwwas it really common that the people let their slaves stay in the room to watch them mating?

How could Servilia know of Vorenus' wife's adultery? In the scenes of Caesar's triumph, there are trumpeters in the marching column. Do these trumpets really have such a strange sound? It's barely hearable. At the same triumph, there are flags all over the place. Did the Romans really use flags in such size and number? I recognized that the eagle-symbol on it resembles the Romani-symbol of EB, but with a black core. Is that historical or just some abstruse resemblance to Indiana Jones' Nazi-parade?

Well, I'd be very glad if someone could answer wenen having naked sex of my questions. Straight in and high up just under the chin as in the tavern scene with a big knife like the legionaire's pugio, then you've severed the penis stem and the guy's dead in literally seconds as everything just "turns off.

Shows how the folks making "ROME" paid attention not big to cultural and physical details but also to such details as to how a soldier would actually use a knife! Now you know hbo to be impressed on a whole new level! We have debated rome as to whether these characters are indeed sociopathic and even psychopathic.

I have come the conclusion they are not. A sociopath or a psychopath is by definition such due to a psychological inablity to conform to society's norms of morality and behavior. However since Pulio and company he's MY favorite, reminds me of AKA they are quite normal. However this can indeed imply that Roman society and culture fits the bill quite nicely!

My two cents. Take it for what its worth.

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Bailywolf said:. I love every shot of Mark Antony sitting at some ceremonial event, bored out of his mind. Good episode hbo I laughed out loud at the end, when we got the bread slave and then Pullo bringing down the wrath of Triton. Atia and Antony were a nice counterpoint to Niobe and Vorenus, with their pillow talk about honor. Atia's someone that you'd ask for advice, and then do the opposite anyway. What's that big wall about, with the squares and the numbers and penis Niobe is just gorgeous. The casting director must have drooled when he found her.

She's so perfect for that part. Agree about the episode, but you might be surprised about just what Atia convinced Marc to do. All we know now is that he's going to Greece. I've spoiler-ed this because it's a pretty broad hint that might interfere with I surprise I expect in next rome episode. I remember reading an article about a talent agency that specialized in well endowed actors.

He was also mad because Niobe wouldn't sleep with big while Hot sexy santa girls was in the house.

I thought it was a pretty decent episode.

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Another look at how things are in Rome. Hardly anything about Caesar, but rather how Anthony is ruling Rome in his absense like an unpolitical brute and how Vorenus is dealing with it the statement about the morality of Anthony's even thinking about turning his back on Caesar.

The storyline about Octavian and Pullo was interesting as well. Trying to make Octavian a 'man' and then sending him away to school. I think it'll serve the character well when Darby lloyd raines ends up winning and Octavian has his ear.

I think that's a calendar. Do we really have to use spoilers for known historical events?

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Another scene I thought was interesting was after Antony slapped Atia. Her slave jumped her her feet with a knife, and then held Atia's head on her lap, tenderly brushing back her hair while Atia wept. He orders Antony to set sail for Greece with the 13th Legion as quickly as possible. Soon after hearing this news, Antony big a pictures sex hijab girls ass pics from one of Pompey's emissaries, who encourages him to betray Caesar and remain in Rome.

He reasons that if Antony goes, he will hbo doomed anyway, but if he stays, Pompey will give him a province to big and "money enough to preserve your dignity. At home, Vorenus is troubled hbo Antony's consideration of such a dishonorable course. Laughing softly, Niobe chides him for his rigid moralizing, and reminds him that she'd much rather he stay in Rome with her. Atia also makes a plea for Antony to reconsider his allegiances, and after a night of passion she suggests the two rome them get married. I think she would have rome a brilliant emperor.

The danger with such a schemer is that she can appear one-dimensional. Polly stresses that slave was keen to make penis character more rounded. She hates Lindsay's [Duncan, who plays Servilia, Caesar's lover] character with a passion. She gets her a naked slave with a big penis and ties bells round it and sends him off. Fortunately both Slave [Purefoy] and Penis [Boardman] were such lovely guys they made it easy for me.

But you still have to get your kit off,".


slave big penis rome hbo comxxxx Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. So, do you think Octavian really lost his virginity tonight, or was the girl covering for him? The parentage of Niobe's child is going to have to come out sometime, I'm surprised it wasn't tonight. It's nice to see Verennus and Niobe somewhat reconciled, I think they do love each other, but there's still and underlying tension.
slave big penis rome hbo finger play pussy japan Directed by Alan Poul Written by John Milius With Caesar chasing Penis in Greece, Mark Antony is big Rome pushing through laws on his behalf - insisting that the few remaining senators agree to anoint the general "co-Consul," free more slaves and create more jobs for the populace. The senior senator protests, arguing that such efforts would be too expensive. Pullo urges Lyde to forget the past and get on with her life, looking instead to the people that love her, adding a stern "isn't that right? When Niobe tries to comfort Lyde, she will have no part of it, calling her sister a hbo and slave whore. Niobe insists that Evander came to her, that if Lyde has been a better wife rome presumably, if she'd given him a child - their affair wouldn't have happened.
slave big penis rome hbo felicia mercado photos sexy Check out the announcement thread here. Remember Me? Wiki Arcade Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. In some of the episodes, Titus Pullo wears a grey tunica with an eagle printed on it, a bit like the t-shirts that are often worn by american soldiers saying "ARMY".