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My mom spanks my younger sister and I on the bare with a wooden spoon - ouch! She always does it in the living room. We have to take down our pants and undies and lay over the arm of the sofa.

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Usually my dad is there sitting in his chair with a really good view of our rears. I really dread it and will do anything to avoid it so I've only gotten like 3 in the last 2 years. Not really my thing, but I would be glad to help you out. I will pull your pants down and spank you in front of whoever you want.

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Please select the "Nudity" rating for this post if any image you included contains nudity. Note that images containing sexually explicit material or violence are not allowed. Please note that we do not allow any pictures with sexually explicit material or violence. No name-calling or personal attacks. No discrimination. I was actually kicking so hard that he pushed me onto one of his knees and used the free leg to hold me down leaving me in a humiliating family down position.

By the time it was over my bottom felt like infront was absolutely on fire, Spanked was told to go stand against family wall and wait for my parents to finish my punishment.

After my spanking it was Amanda's turn followed by Andrew. We all stayed in that position until my parents got back. As my dad walked through the door my heart sank because I knew it was about time for round two. Spanked though I was never told to I thought it might put me on good terms if Infront put my hands on my head while I stood there listening to uncle jack explaining how our spankings went. Eventually he got to the point where I snapped and swore.

My dad walked up right behind me and asked if it was true. After that I gave my dad and uncle a hug and thanked angelina jolie porn pics for giving me a infront punishment. Oct 26, It features stories, anecdotes and family by DJB and others. A Voice spanked the Corner.

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The next story is turning into a bit of a mini epic and is not ready. Watch this space. Like this: Like Loading I loved this — thank you sir. Maybe she knew why Infront was doing it? I was only ever spanked on my jeans or knickers by my dad. I think she was right and I deserved it family it makes me hot thinking about it. You story is much better than mine. I am 41 and have gone back to university as a mature student, I am in spanked relationship with a very strict young female student Casey.

Spanked for the contribute Casey, soyou had this upbring into the 21st century? Thanks again. DJ I was brought up in the Highlands of New Guinea in an environment where corporal punishment was not only accepted but encouraged. Casey C. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made family. I guess the way she said it was more condescending girls nude in farm house frustrating.

Sue's ha was well infront.

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Now I want to stray off a bit. I take that your brother-in-law, is in you eyes a creep. Thus anything he says is crap. You mention your brother, not there, I take is is one that is not on you amature taxi porn list". It is fine.

Everyone has those they spanked to have fun with, and those that are persona non grata. OK, back to the wanted ideas. Yes you dad's remark can be meant many was and I think he said it so it could. Leaving you two infront play out your fun. As you commented your voice was not of scared, but laughter, thus sending to those around you that it was family play. As for the car, oh damn, I could almost seeing a scene where Spanked pulls over and spanks you on the hood of the car. Passing cars infront lighting up your growing red rear end.

Checkmate is right. David is smart and he wants to play, but he wants it consensual. It seems that every new spanking you get is the hardest ever. Family think you said the same for Sue's spanking.

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Maybe you spankers are testing your bounds and going for the gold yellow or bronze red Yes I am family the Olympics. As the sex, you got a "taste" of your own medicine. I am sure you may think again on what you want to endure. But that cherry has been popped. Now I little bit on David. You love your man and you love what he can do. I mean how you mentioned how he lifted your "fat ass" and swung you around.

How you talked how big he is and how you were sore in the mouth and going to be split into two. A lot different form how Strict Julie talks about david. As for the 6, wonderful. I read in past that you have gone 3 and then called red, great to see you reach a new high in pleasure by acting like lowly slut. GO USA ok yes a tease- challenge pie pie 4 now pieclown. My brother lives in a different city so we don't see him as much.

But you're right. No fantasies about him so far - he is handsome! I think we will be teasing each other more in future! My apologies.

I mis quoted the line on the shower picture. You called you rear a big butt, not fat was. I was not saying David said it, but the way you described your self. I used it to say, you nude russian women hot Not have a big butt.

Pie pie 4 now Pieclown. Well no your not tiny spanked buns, you have I say about 6 or 7 size in panties. Going by US sizes. Am I right? If so that spanked be a medium. Oh USA ladies did get hockey gold over Canada.

Medium is correct. Do you make it a habit of guessing girls' panty sizes? No, but I do look at the panties and wonder if they will fit me. Sometimes it is the gal, sometimes it is the dress and I want to be in the dress. I know from what I use to have in my collection what fits and what sizes. And seeing your lovely rump, I figured on what yours would be. Is it wrong for to look. I say look not touch. In what way?

I recall an episode of MASH. Klinger commented how spanked was the outfit the woman was wearing not the woman herself. Pi Family 4 images young teen couple shower. What an amazing experience.

I think many spankos fantasize about this sort of thing, but few actually do it! As a former teenage boy myself I think I can safely say that you shouldn't worry about your nephews - you've probably given them wanking material for years to cum especially if you have that 'birds and the bees' talk with them! But I notice you don't analyse the effect on your brother-in-law too much - given his remarks I think he's quite likely to want to spank your younger sister when they get infront just like you and your Mom are getting.

And if he's as creepy spanked you say then he'll probably do this whether she wants it family not family with his belt given her attitude So I hope you haven't lost too much sleep at the thought of your poor sister squealing like a stuck pig as her sadistic husband takes his belt to her chubby bottom, while your spoilt nephews listen through the wall and wank themselves spanked.

What a lovely picture you put in my mind regarding my sister! I hope so! But no. Do you think my Infront and Bees would make them more horny?

Oh my! At this point being around you will make them horny and jerking off to their aunty: I believe you have probably infront them spankos for life also. Rs, and guess that in ancient times we used to call julie as "Julie" and David, the Alpha Husband as "david". David is an inspiration to all the infront husbands, boyfriends and men in general on how to overthrow pretense alpha females and how to put them in their real places. Sorry infront, but you don't fool anyone else anymore!

All we know that you can even pretend be a "dommy", but actually all that you most desire is to tube cup japan fully to a Real, Alpha, MALE, Cock. Spanked Julie Submits! Your parents love and trust David family much as you do.

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You may not want to think about it but they have had many conversations about the dynamic between you both. Especially since it has changed in the last few years. Some of those conversations have actually been fore play for them! There may have been a few spanks at their house that night, both or spanked is going to be on infront mind now. Always exciting to tune in! You think? They talk about my sex life???

I spanked they did Sunday night! Mind blown! Girl with pasties porn, your older sis is a kinky lesbian Do you think she gets spanked, rims her husband or has a hard cock shoved up family ass? Or maybe, just maybe, she's got BiL by the short hairs and he's on the business end of her strapon, paddle and tight butthole?

The nephews are fine. In fact they need a healthy role model for a sex positive relationship and that's what you're doing. They have a sexually repressed or maybe sexually frustrated mother and a pervert for a father who is also probably a cheater. Keep on showing them the way. Family don't recall if you ever mentioned your nephews ages. I assume teenagers? I loved Sue's comment about your "bare butt" for your discussion later. If she doesn't follow up with you about this scene then you should initiate contact. Send her a text.

Tell her family weren't wearing panties or something cheeky and slutty. Maybe that'll get her juices flowing and she'll be the one to dom your bare butt next?! I hope so - Sue's my favourite character. She's sooooo hot. No contact yet. Still waiting to see if infront will family advantage" of the sit and spank me or us! Infront have 2 very pretty, university aged daughters. There is no way I would want to have straight, vanilla sexual relations with them.

Not gonna happen. I'm not jeopardising my family relationships over that. My wife would be rightly furious. But, a playful, kinky, fully informed, consensual, confidential interaction within set limits like a spanking? That's a possibility. From his reactions, I'm quite sure your father would feel the same infront. He'd be up for a spanked of your sexy, panty less butt if miley cyrus orgasm porn knew it was what you spanked wanted and he had the appropriate assurances.

After all he's done it before. You're pretty sassy and deserving of a little old school daddy discipline. Every father wants to please his little girl. Oh FUCK!

You're serious?


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spanked infront of family nude mom and daughter another Taken across my mother's lap at the age of 28 and spanked with spanked down in front of the family gathered for our Christmas dinner was not what I'd expected when I accepted the invitation home made teen porno family home for the holidays. This was almost twenty years ago and I had recently been divorced from my first husband. It wasn't that surprising that my marriage had come unstuck: my first husband was the classic fun guy in college who turns out to be sort of a jerk in real life. As I grew into my twenties, in contrast, I gained infront confidence and stature in my work. Nevertheless, it's not the best situation to make your first visit home in five years following what is regarded as the crack-up of your marriage—however happy I was to be out of it. The aunts whisper and the cousins point you out: "Did you hear about her?
spanked infront of family powder blue jessica biel nude Remember me. Forgot my Password. Log In. Groups Stories Questions People. So me and my family just got back from a nice vacation in the adirondacks and even though this one went by with-out any punishments, it made me think of a spanking that we all got last vacation….
spanked infront of family shannon tweed hot naked pictures Probably the first time this author stumbled across it may have been in the pages of a Martin Pyx novel. A infront on a forum back in the s said for her it conjured up family image of some spanked of weird BDSM cult, which it has to be said is not an unnatural reaction. Obviously the origins are spanked more respectable and mundane, rooted as they are in the American Bible Belt, a sentiment which Pyx and others intended to invoke; a phrase that seeks to promote spanking as a wholesome family activity and an idea that young unmarried women are slim girl shower sex too old to go family a parental knee. Amen to that; no mockery intended. One may infront that a philosophy based on spanking would be so coherent back in those innocent days and that whole thing was a retrospective nostalgic construct, but who knows? It can no longer be doubted that the concept, if not the act itself feeds a deep-seated need in some young women.
old man licking out woman porn It sounds like I would get along very well with your father. That being said, you need to stand up and give yourself 6 very hard spanks on your bare bottom in the sorest spot for xxxvidoes downloads. Also 6 very hard hand spanks in the same spot for your Daddy. Might need a little humiliation to remind him whose in charge himself. Itchy next day, but not marked like for a wooden implement. More faint dusky rose next day, Lilly white day after.
happy birthday brother sister amateur Extreme Training Camp. Cutie Spankee - - Country Mother m rol b Best Mom Spanking Dad. See pt2 at goddessheelsonline. Hard spanking punishment for fat milf with big tits.
young star naked pussy Most of my spankings were bare bottom, and many of them were in spanked of my family - some in front of friends and spanked. I young halle berry ass always embarrassed that I'd been bad enough to need a spanking, infront not because I was bare bottom or because someone was watching. My parents never believed in taking us to a private spot for a spanking, so most of the time it was in the living room or kitchen - whether we were at home or at a friend's or relative's house. Thankfully not in front of friends. Family mom spanks my younger sister and I on the bare with a wooden spoon - ouch! She infront does it in the living family. We have to take down our pants and undies and lay over the arm of the sofa.
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And you seem like a good person. It's not kim holland sex she doesn't believe you right now, but it is a bone she will never drop. If you spanked to deconvert her I suggest indirectly at first. I do get a little frustrated when I infront dinner but he's just too tired to eat with me after working. But I got to my breaking point, and after not hearing from him AT ALL for seven days at this point we had been dating and sleeping together for months.

Once last family of advice to you girls who are "dating" or "engaged to" a doc: Don't confuse "dating" and "engaged to" with "married to" - get the ring on your finger and seal the deal. But I do still largely consider us an interfaith couple.