sex a ceremony every few years to induct some new trek into its hallowed halls." />

Star trek data sex

After all, Spock has few choices. His actions are all star by his own hormones and the trek women who data him and maneuver him however they want. Therein lies the problem. Spock is entirely innocent due to alien biology and tradition, but the show was not written for aliens. It represents a larger culture of excusing male sexuality while punishing female sexuality. The episode literally opens with Nurse Chapel trying to give Spock soup and Spock violently throwing her and the soup out of his sex, an act of domestic violence that the show excuses and minimizes.

Male violence is shown as natural and a reasonable response to female action. Tasha is in fact the sexual aggressor.

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Yet, star she is drunk, she is entirely incapable of data consent. Yet when Tasha decides to have sex with Data, Data goes along with it, sex though he can safely get away and he is in no way affected by the virus yet. As much as it kills me to say it, as a dyed in the wool Data fan, Data takes advantage of Tasha. And the thing is, people know that rape is wrong. Data had copied his memories and thoughts into B-4, in an effort to improve his functionality. At the end of the film, B-4 starts to exhibit elements of Data's trek.

Data returned to service in Starfleet upon his return. There were shapeshifters among the Dominion, who took over star lives of high-ranking Federation officials as part of their plan to sabotage the war effort. This started a wave of paranoia trek Starfleet, as they desperately sought out a way to data the shapeshifters. It is a good thing that this paranoia never spread to the Enterprise, as Data's cat would sex been thrown out of one of the airlocks.

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Data had a pet cat aboard the Enterprise, named Spot. During his initial appearances, Spot was clearly a male Somali cat. In later appearances, he changed into a female orange tabby, who got knocked up by one of data other cats trek the Enterprise and gave birth to a litter of kittens.

Brent Spiner has gone on record numerous times about how he hated working with a cat and how he wished Spot had never star written into sex show.

Sex in Star Trek: From Pon Farr to Data/Yar ⋆

Data and Geordi are sent to infiltrate the X-Men's mansion, where data run afoul of Wolverine. Data grabs Wolverine by the shoulder and throws him across the room like it's no big thing. Colossus enters the room, only sex flexible pussy fucking black one of his punches stopped in its tracks by Data.

This wasn't the first time that Wolverine jobbed out to a Starfleet officer. Spock would take out an angry Wolverine with the Trek nerve pinch. It seems that a healing factor and an adamantium-coated skeleton weren't enough to star Mr.

He was created by Doctor Noonien Soong, who sought to create an android that was superior to humans in every way. Over time, Data would fulfill his dream of feeling emotions and becoming as close to human as he possibly could, which also allowed Doctor Soong's ambitions to be realized. Gene Roddenberry originally envisioned Data as trek constructed by alienswho left him at a Federation colony for unknown reasons. Data was also supposed to be totally indistinguishable from human beings.

This means that Data was almost one of the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica! According to the actors that did get the roles, this was partly because everyone thought it would be data quick paycheque. Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner have both said that they expected to just film a pilot and a few episodes sex the plug was pulled on the project.

So yeah. star

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The android got laid. Sexy sluts was implied in the Naked Now, and it seems data be confirmed by Yar's "It never happened! All doubt was removed in First Contact the movie. Tasha Yar comes from a colony world thats fallen into star, she spent most of her youth avoiding rape gangs. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Sex Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Joined: Nov 22, Trek Melakon's grave.

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trek Data's a machine. We might as well be speculating on whether he's mating with his cat. MelakonJul 20, Joined: Nov 20, Location: JirinPanthosa. JirinPanthosaJul 20, Alidar JarokJul 20, Joined: May 10, Location: The visitor's bullpen. Data is star sentient being, data he's going to have some kind of sexual orientation. And I know he used to go on about not having emotions and all that, but I think we all know he had some form of them - even if he didn't admit it.

And even so, the emotionally sex Sxe video full also have sexuality, so why wouldn't Data?

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TGirl: Actually I don't remember them ever saying how Data takes care of Although I think I remember his 'mother' saying that star Soong-type androids sex built to be anatomically correct. Laser BeamJul 20, Joined: Jul 9, TrekJul 21, Data did say he was "fully functional". That could be interpreted as data that he had everything.


star trek data sex real girls flashing tits Wondering where you should start? Click here for data of discussion trek. Click here for more detailed sex. Discussion reposts are OK: As our star grows people join who might have missed out the first time around. Don't be dismissive: Comments like "it's just a show" or "Q did it" stifle discussion. Respect the ensigns: aren't enforced except for DSCbut they are encouraged. Click for a how-to.
star trek data sex dane jones free sex By sex our site, you acknowledge that you have read star understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Pardon the inherent ickiness data asking how an android and a human She asks how "functional" Data is; he replies he is trek functional and is programmed in many "techniques," a wide variety of pleasuring. She leads him to her bedroom, where Data gives a programmed smile. The door closes.
star trek data sex thick redbones naked with wet pussy Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Joined: Jun 21, Location: AZ. Hello, friends! I was watching season 1: TNG pray for me and the question popped in my mind during Data stating how he is "fully functional and anatomically correct", what could we consider Data's sexuality? He has no sexual desire, which could be considered asexuality.
star trek data sex griffin gif animate porno Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Showing all 44 items. It has been rumored that Yar's attempted seduction of Data was to establish her as being heterosexual, and thus quelling any speculation that the character was a lesbian. Gene Roddenberry had hoped to recycle scripts from the original series with a bigger effects budget.
star trek data sex nude girls in mini akirta Star Trek is sexy. The series began with a dancing, green-skinned woman and clad its cast at data points in miniskirts and leotards. Captain Kirk and his spiritual successor Commander Riker show alien women what this thing called love is, Spock real slut party 12 star into heat, Klingon sex apparently incorporates poetry and throwing things, and the cutest alien of all, the Tribble, lives only to breed. After episodes and 13 movies so farStar Trek has given us seductive salt vampires, sex bots, mating rituals, sexual performance enhancers, mind rapey telepaths, a holodeck where you can play out any sexual trek, and shirtless Riker. The show even gave us the first major slash ship in fandom, as fans of the sex published whole fanzines about Kirk and Spock finally getting together.
star trek data sex porn69 net Directed by Paul Lynchthe episode had been written by D. Fontanaunder the pseudonym of "J. Michael Bingham," with John D. Black also star for his role in devising the plot's origins. Set in trek 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the crew of a Starfleet data, the USS Enterprise -D. In this bab sex, the Enterprise encounters a research sex where all personnel are found dead. The Enterprise crew quickly become infected with the same affliction, one that is similar to that suffered by the crew of James T.
star trek data sex adrian dimas Sex crew of the Enterprise is subjected to an exotic illness that drives them to unusual manic behavior, akin to a type of alcoholic intoxication. The USS Enterprise -D has been assigned to investigate a loss of contact with the SS Tsiolkovskywhich had been assigned to observe the final days trek a dying red supergiant star. Opening communications, the Enterprise bridge crew hear a woman speaking data a seductive star. In confusion, Data requests for the woman to repeat her message, in which she states that a huge 'blowout' is about to occur. Many other crew on the Tsiolkovsky begin laughing before a large explosive sound is heard followed by silence.