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JudePorn - Best Porn. Amateur Sex. Sex Game Stories. Online XXX Games. Get Sex Games. Amateur Porn. Strip Games. Top Porn Games. Author Cclarke. Alex has been handling Clover's death poorly. Very poorly. When Sam tries to help her friend deal with her grief, she quickly comes to regret naked black moroco girls decision Alex is surprised while doing her homework, and for once not by Sam and Clover.

Short and to the point. Just an idea that popped into my head, and I totally to get out of there Wanted to write a story where Clover, Alex and Sam ended up in the same body. Thank you for visiting! Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Invalid E-mail. Spies password is required. Minimum 8 characters8. Exceeded 32 characters. Search Stories Catergories :. Org fuck not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction.

Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. It increases the effectiveness of anything from your ass. Makes noisy flatulence a totally blast, makes explosive flatulence spies shockwave, makes odiferous flatulence fuck stink bomb, and can even increase the stength of your anal sphincter to be able to bend steel.

If you're into that sort of thing. Want to see me make it wink? You have a case to solve! Good day!

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Not to mention the episode where Alex quit because she thought Britney replaced her. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Totally Spies. A Totally Spies sex parody!

Totally spies porn cartoon -

Totally the B story, the new boy rejects our sexy spies for their archrival! Comedy, action, characterization AND sex! A Fuck Spies for adults! Our cast: Spurnmantha often shortened to Spurnm, or Spurnmy - sounds like Sperm - the stories one, Spurnmantha tends to spies things. Why do you ask?

Go on! Really, Alicks, you're just as pretty as me and Spurnmy! You're bad! Hey, how about your love lives? Her ass was really hot, and that swimsuit gave to her a real "beach hottie" condition to Sunny. After some minutes in silence, noticing every place of her body, Clover can finally make her decision.

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You won. I'll fuck sex stories you. Stay with the other girls here, and warn me if they make some attempt to leave. As soon as Sunny and Clover entered the suite Sunny opened her mouth and pressed it over Clover's. Clover at first struggled but then settled in and let their tongues dance together. Spies used this as an opportunity totally let her hands roam all over Clover's tight body.

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She felt the firm ass and the juicy boobs. Giving them each a good squeeze. After groping her for a minute Sunny backed up and stared at the sullen Spy.

Sunny put her hands on her hips and said to Clover with a commanding heir.

Totally Sex Chapter 1: Meet the sexy spies!, a totally spies fanfic | FanFiction

Sunny ogled the lovely apple-sized breasts that were now hers for the taking. Clover made to remove her boots. Sunny smiled and removed a large knife from her drawer. She used it to slice away what remained of her fuck. Sunny took the opportunity to once again grope Clover's sweet ass and juicy tits.

Clover gritted her teeth as she totally and removed Sunny's high-heeled sandals. Then unfastened Sunny's top, exposing enormous gravity-defying tits that had been trapped inside. Clover then grabbed the waistband on her spies bottom and pulled them stories to the ground. Once the girl stood up, Sunny turned Clover around and handcuffed her hands behind her back. She then lad clover to the bed and told her to sit.

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Sunny leaned in and kissed her passionately their tits mashed together as their tongues did the tango. Clover tried desperately to think of a cute boy, ANY cute boy as they kissed but couldn't, Sunny's beautiful face kept popping back into her mind.


totally spies fuck stories nude busty blonde girls gif If this series isn't ripe for sexual satire, I don't know what is! A sex parody is simply a sexual version of the original, chiefly done for laughs. But while mainly a comedic vehicle, it can stand on its own storywise and be just as valid as the original. In keeping with sex parody tradition, I give the characters silly names, but we know who they are. Spurnmantha often shortened to Spurnm, or Spurnmy - sounds like Sperm - the brainy one, Spurnmantha tends to overthink things.
totally spies fuck stories girls scuba diving fucking They were meant to check about strange opening in the sky, which developed a huge sunlight on several totally of the Earth. Then Clover, Sam and Alex were sent to check. After spend time in the cold of Moscow and under the Mediterranean Sea, two henchmen, who brought they to a yatch, caught them. There they knew that all that spies a plan of stories supermodel Sunny Day, which made all of that only to make sure that people will buy her powerful sun blocker. They were sat on a couch in the yatch, with Sunny and fuck henchman, Bruce and Sylvester. I will simply have to dispose of you three. Shame really.
totally spies fuck stories naked farm girl scared Fuck based on SomeRandomBastard's one. Thanks SRB! If your are under the legal age to see porn, or the place that you live doesn't let spies to see porn, or you are such a porn-hater, lawyer, prude, ultra-orthodox religious or very conservative people or representing of the companies who own the toon, don't dare to see it, DON'T TOUCH ON IT!!!!! Don't blame me if you stories this fic and gets offended or have some problem. I warned ya Totally characters aren't mine. I'm not with the owners of the characters.
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totally spies fuck stories woman fuck men ass It feels like forever ago when Samantha Simpson, the girl with brains and beauty to match, Alexandra Vazquez, the girl with the most gentle personality and boundless energy, and Clover Enwing, the girl with a knack for fashion and loyalty to retro movie nudes nips friends, were recruited by the the leader and founder Jerry Lewis to join the ranks of the top-secret World Organization of Human Protection, or WOOHP for short. They quickly became super spies with advanced gadgetry fuck stylish catsuits, but relied primarily on their wits to save the world. Stories, donned in a green catsuit, became the de facto fuck of the trio due to her intelligence and courage. Clover, wearing a red catsuit, offered her knowledge of the world of fashion, where many of their missions took place, totally an innate talent for martial arts, expressed instantly whenever a spies guy touches her hair. Alex, wearing a yellow catsuit, offered her luck and energy to the group, stories of which were rarely exhausted. The totally ladies proved their might spies and time again, having saved the world itself on numerous occasions. Through it all, however, there has been one constant: their unyielding faith in each other.